Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ash Gayat - Villain

Ash Gayat was one of the biggest assholes who participated in the Vancouver Riots although unlike many other villains, Gayat was on the receiving end of some serious payback from other villains at the end of the riot. 

Gayat is the huge black youth shown in the photo below punching a window at the Budget Rental franchise during the riot:

Gayat showed the world that he is a punk bitch when also picked a fight and sucker-punched a much smaller young man who clearly did not want to fight him as shown in this video and in this other video.

Gayat did apparently receive some payback from some East Indian hooligans during the riot.  Gayat's "keepin' it real" actions during the riot apparently resulted in his girlfriend getting punched in the face, breaking her jaw.  Gayat also supposedly chased after one of the men who pulled out a knife and slashed Gayat's arm in four places, requiring 18 stitches to sew back together.  Gayat's thuggish actions during the riot appear to the the impetus for the attack on his girlfriend and his slashed arm. 

Gayat is a true piece of human excrement who needs to be brought to justice.  I wonder how tough he would be if he went toe-to-toe against someone his own size instead of someone barely half as big as himself?

*** Update - August 14, 2012 ***

I recently discovered that Ash Gayat is even more dispicable than I thought when I originally wrote this post back in July, 2012.  According to an eyewitness, Gayat punched his girlfriend directly in the face, not some random Indian man as Gayat and the girlfriend originally claimed.

According to an article written in the Canada Headlines Examiner, a witness said the following about Gayat:
“I knew what I saw that night was a vicious attack,” said the Vancouver witness about the attack on Chelsea Bossons “but it wasn’t until I saw the media coverage about [the attack] and put two and two together that I realized just what was going on.”

The 32-year-old witness gives a starkly different account of the moments leading up to and after the attack on Chelsea Bossons during the riots that erupted in Vancouver after the Canucks loss of the Stanley Cup last month.

“There was no group of men following Chelsea Bossons and her friends before the attack,” stated the witness “and there was no one near her at all fitting the description given to the police and the media.

“[Chelsea Bossons] was in a heated argument with one of her friends,” continued the witness “and the next thing I know he punched her in the face so hard that I swear I heard her jaw break.”

Added the witness “It’s an image I will never erase from my mind.”

When shown a photograph of Ash Gayat, the known boyfriend of Chelsea Bossons, the witness exclaimed "Oh my God, that's the guy, that's the one who punched her."

This evidence just goes to prove that Ash Gayat is one of the biggest pieces of shit on the planet.  Furthermore, his girlfriend at the time (assuming they have since broken up) must be the biggest moron in all of Canada as I have no doubt that her friends/family knew that Gayat was a piece of shit from the moment at which they started dating and yet she chose to stay with him.

*** Update - October 8, 2013 ***

I just discovered this video of Ash Gayat.  He is a defensive lineman for the Vancouver Island Raiders in the Canadian Junior Football League.  In this video, he is interviewed, although the interviewer neglected to ask him about his role in the Vancouver Riots.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Andrew Perry - Hero

Andrew Perry was one of the heroes of the Vancouver riot.  Perry is the man who attempted to reason with the crowd right before Bert Easterbrook was attacked while attempting to protect a city truck.  Perry yelled to the crowd, "The world is watching!" Perry is shown in the green shirt in the middle of the photo below:

Perry also grabbed some papers that villain Nathan Koylak had lit on fire and thrown into a police car and threw them on the ground.  Perry again attempted to reason with the rioters, showing he has balls of steel.

Zac Chan - Villain

Zac Chan is another villain of the Vancouver riot. Zac Chan was photographed punching a riot cop in the photo below:

As the website The Dirty pointed out, Zac Chan looked kind of like how actor Jacky Chan would look if he had Down's Syndrome! Here are more photos of Zac Chan:

Monday, July 4, 2011

Johnny Sawicki - Villain

According to a comment left on youtube, Johnny Sawicki is apparently the name of the rioter who attempted to light a truck on fire that hero Bert Easterbrook was attempting to protect.  Sawicki is the idiot who was leveled by Easterbrook after throwing a bag or bottle that had been lit on fire into the city truck.

I have only seen his name listed in one place, so if anyone else can confirm that the identity of this moron is Johnny Sawicki, please leave a comment.  Hopefully this dipshit is quickly brought to justice!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dominique Larocque - Villain

Dominique Larocque is another villain of the Vancouver riot.  She is reportedly the girlfriend of fellow villain Corey Seymour and initially pushed a man who was later savagely beaten by Seymour and his cronies.  Larocque also reportedly stole two $500 Coach purses during the riot and was photographed on a Vancouver SkyTrain with the evidence in a clear plastic bag visible near her feet.

Someone who apparently was on the SkyTrain at the same time as her wrote this note on Facebook about her:

I was on the same train as this garbage. The “classy” blonde was bragging about how she stole 2 bags from coach. She was so so excited that they were all leather and about 500$ a piece. You can see them in the picture in the clear plastic bag. Second the “fine” citizen (the guy) decided to roll a joint on the train and smoke it. We stopped at at scott road and a police officer came in and said the train smelt like pot. The guy that was sitting in front of him told the cop it was him and the blonde and her I’m guessing boyfriend started to yell at this guy and the guy spat in his face. The trash decided to get off at GATEWAY station and walk to his house. I hope these people read this because you are a disgrace to our community and I am ashamed that such trash actually lives in Canada.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mathew Eakin - Villain

Mathew Eakin is a villain of the Vancouver riot.  This idiot smashed store windows with his skateboard during the riot.  Here are some pictures of Eakin celebrating his actions.  As one can see, fellow villain Jagminder Singh Shergill is in the crowd wearing his yellow shirt and appears to have cheered on Eakin while the store windows were smashed:

*** Update - July 10, 2013 *** 

Matthew Eaken has has afoul of the law again.  He was arrested in September 2012 after recklessly cutting off a police car in Surrey, Canada while driving in his car.  The police found cash, drugs, cell phones and a 9 mm handgun in Eaken's car.  Eaken was reportedly "known" to the police prior to this arrest. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Corey Seymour - Villain

Corey Seymour is a villain of the Vancouver riot who along with friends ganged up to deliver a vicious beating to a man during the riot.  Seymour is wearing the black track pants in the video below and is the second man to punch the guy in the white shirt with the Atari-like symbol on his shirt.  I don't know what preceded the altercation, but for some reason, one of Seymour's friends punched the victim and then Seymour threw the second punch and his other friends ganged up in an act of utter cowardice.

Corey Seymour was later seen on a Vancouver train allegedly smoking pot with his criminal friends as shown below:

Corey Seymour is utter White Trash and gives new meaning to the word "shithead." Hopefully this violent asshole is caught soon and sent to prison.