Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dominique Larocque - Villain

Dominique Larocque is another villain of the Vancouver riot.  She is reportedly the girlfriend of fellow villain Corey Seymour and initially pushed a man who was later savagely beaten by Seymour and his cronies.  Larocque also reportedly stole two $500 Coach purses during the riot and was photographed on a Vancouver SkyTrain with the evidence in a clear plastic bag visible near her feet.

Someone who apparently was on the SkyTrain at the same time as her wrote this note on Facebook about her:

I was on the same train as this garbage. The “classy” blonde was bragging about how she stole 2 bags from coach. She was so so excited that they were all leather and about 500$ a piece. You can see them in the picture in the clear plastic bag. Second the “fine” citizen (the guy) decided to roll a joint on the train and smoke it. We stopped at at scott road and a police officer came in and said the train smelt like pot. The guy that was sitting in front of him told the cop it was him and the blonde and her I’m guessing boyfriend started to yell at this guy and the guy spat in his face. The trash decided to get off at GATEWAY station and walk to his house. I hope these people read this because you are a disgrace to our community and I am ashamed that such trash actually lives in Canada.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mathew Eakin - Villain

Mathew Eakin is a villain of the Vancouver riot.  This idiot smashed store windows with his skateboard during the riot.  Here are some pictures of Eakin celebrating his actions.  As one can see, fellow villain Jagminder Singh Shergill is in the crowd wearing his yellow shirt and appears to have cheered on Eakin while the store windows were smashed:

*** Update - July 10, 2013 *** 

Matthew Eaken has has afoul of the law again.  He was arrested in September 2012 after recklessly cutting off a police car in Surrey, Canada while driving in his car.  The police found cash, drugs, cell phones and a 9 mm handgun in Eaken's car.  Eaken was reportedly "known" to the police prior to this arrest. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Corey Seymour - Villain

Corey Seymour is a villain of the Vancouver riot who along with friends ganged up to deliver a vicious beating to a man during the riot.  Seymour is wearing the black track pants in the video below and is the second man to punch the guy in the white shirt with the Atari-like symbol on his shirt.  I don't know what preceded the altercation, but for some reason, one of Seymour's friends punched the victim and then Seymour threw the second punch and his other friends ganged up in an act of utter cowardice.

Corey Seymour was later seen on a Vancouver train allegedly smoking pot with his criminal friends as shown below:

Corey Seymour is utter White Trash and gives new meaning to the word "shithead." Hopefully this violent asshole is caught soon and sent to prison.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Vasilios Makris - Villain

Vasilios Makris is another villain of the Vancouver riot.  Makris is a Greek man who wore a very conspicuous blue Adidas soccer jersey during the was visible in numerous riot videos.  Makris was one of the rioters who attacked hero Bert Easterbrook.  He also allegedly shoved a random woman to the ground while attempting to evade police during the riot.

*** Update - October 7, 2013 ***

Vasilios Makris was recently sentenced to 8 months in prison for his role in the 2011 Vancouver Riot. Makris' lawyer actually had the gall to ask for leniency because Makris was extremely drunk during the riot! However, the judge did not buy Makris' excuse and reportedly wrote the following in his ruling:
 “Makris was fully involved in the very considerable violence that was occurring and he was not in any way doing anything to stop it ...  His involvement simply further contributed to the mayhem and chaos that was occurring. ... He was there at the start of the riot and remained for the whole four hour period until the very end. ... He was confrontational with the police and other peace makers throughout and he was physically aggressive when confronted himself. His acts encouraged others to commit criminal offences and regularly went beyond encouragement to participate himself in acts of arson, assault, and break and entry.  But what really sets Makris’ case apart from most others was his commitment, at times almost a frantic commitment, to the mayhem. He consistently attempted to frustrate the police and others who were trying to stop the riot.”

Billy Fisher - Villain

Billy Fisher is one of the biggest pieces of shit who participated in the Vancouver riot.  Fisher is apparently a native of Langley, B.C. and is the tall guy wearing the black hat in the photos below.  This asshole kicked Chris Leveille, a Good Samaritan attempting to help protect a Budget rental franchise, while Leveille was already on the ground, possibly causing the collapsed lung that Leveille suffered when Fisher and two other men attacked him. 

In the photos below, Fisher can been seen celebrating with another rioter and showing off the items he apparently looted (he is on the right in the bottom looting photo holding a stack of what appear to be suit coats).

Here is yet another photo where Fisher is shown at the head of a mob of rioters walking toward the police.  Fisher is standing to the right of the man holding the hockey stick up in the air.  Fisher has a white shirt or some type of white kerchief wrapped around his face:

Billy Fisher is a walking advertisement for abortion.  This piece of shit deserves to spend a few years in prison for his actions during the riot.  Hopefully he will be caught soon.

***Update - March 8, 2016 ***

 Thanks to comments left to this post, I have discovered that on February 19, 2016, Billy Fisher was found guilty of a series of charges relating to his actions in the Vancouver Riot, including taking part in a riot, aggravated assault and break and enter.  He was sentenced to three years in prison.  

Billy Fisher died on February 25, 2016.  He had reportedly been in prison for less than a week when he went into medical distress in the North Fraser Pre-Trial Centre, where he was waiting to be transferred to a federal prison.  He was taken to Royal Columbian Hospital, where federal officials technically took him into custody. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Adam Davis - Villain

Adam Davis is a villain of the Vancouver riots.  Not only does he appear to be a raging homosexual, but he is also apparently a pyromaniac - he was lighting fires in trash cans during the riot.  He later wrote "Rioting was fun" on his yfrog page.  What a shithead!

Cameron Brown - Hero

Cameron Brown is another hero from the Vancouver riot.  He attempted to stop rioters from lighting trash cans on fire and was attacked for doing so.  He was sucker-punched from behind by two rioters, causing him to fall to the ground drop the expensive camera equipment he was holding at the time.  The rioters apparently picked up his camera equipment and then smashed it onto the pavement.  Cameron Brown suffered a concussion and had to get stitches above his eye.  Hopefully the pussies who attacked him are brought to justice soon!

Bert Easterbrook - Hero

Bert Easterbrook is an iconic hero of the Vancouver riot.  After a swarm of hundreds of rioters surrounded and started smashing a city truck, Easterbrook and a couple other men attempted to reason with the crowd.  Easterbrook valiantly attempted to prevent the rioters from lighting the truck on fire as shown in this video.

Eaterbrook is a 32-year-old photographer, care worker for disabled people, and an occassional security guard for pro-marijuana rallies in Vancouver. Easterbrook is reportedly 6'2" tall, weighs 255 lbs, and is a "karate expert."

When he saw a crowd attempting to roll over a green pickup truck, he and some other brave men rose to action and stood around the truck attempting to talk some sense into the rioters. At one point, a rioter threw a wad of rolled papers that had been lit on fire into the truck. Easterbrook grabbed the wad out of the truck, burning his hand in the process.

Another rioter threw another bag or bottle that had been lit on fire into the truck and then Easterbrook had decided he had enough and leveled the rioter with what appeared to be a powerful right hook to the rioter's face.

After the punch, 15-20 rioters swarmed Easterbrook while throwing punches. Easterbrook grabbed another rioter as he fell to the ground and endured a pummeling for about 15 seconds until nearby police walked over and the rioters dispersed.

Bert Easterbrook is a true hero for standing up to the rioters.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Arian Anwari - Villain

Arian Anwari proved to be a complete bitch during the Vancouver riot. This idiot started smashing a window at a Budget rental franchise with a crowbar several times until a Good Samaritan in a green shirt tackled him, knocking him straight to the ground.  Anwari appeared to be drunk and disoriented after being knocked down and looked like a complete pussy.

*** Update - July 10, 2013 *** 

I recently discovered that Arian Anwari was expelled from his secondary school days after the riot because his principal discovered that he was one of the infamous rioters.

Vancouver Rioter Kicked Out of School:

Arian Anwari found the fallout from being splashed on YouTube after the Stanley Cup riot swift, arbitrary and downright devastating.

Just days before graduating from a Surrey secondary school last summer, Anwar claims the principal walked him to the front door and told him not to come back.

On Wednesday, Anwari was among eight people Vancouver police said have been charged with rioting, making a total of 38 charged.

"I wrote an apology letter to the principal and he said they already made the choice to kick me out," Anwari, 18, said.

He knew it was only a matter of time before he would be charged for his alleged involvement in the Cup riot after video capturing him smashing a window went viral.

Anwari has been charged with participating in a riot, carrying a weapon (baton) for a dangerous purpose and mischief.

He said he was interviewed by Vancouver Police Department investigators shortly after the riot and admitted his involvement.

"I am guilty for what I did," he told The Province.

"I regret it big time. I got kicked out of school for it and now I have to wait another year before university."

However, Anwari insists he did not take the baton downtown when he went there for the final game of the Cup final.

"I found the baton on the ground," he said. He thinks it may have been dropped by one of the riot police.

"It was what the cops were carrying," he said.

Ironically, Anwari said he was looking at a career in law enforcement.

"I was actually planning on going to college for a police officer's job," he said. "But I don't think that will work now."

With plans for the courtroom proceedings of all the rioters to be televised, Anwari said he will instruct his lawyer to oppose the plan.

"I don't want my trial televised," he said.

Jamal Harper - Villain

Jamal Harper is one of the more despicable Vancouver rioters. He is a vile black criminal who kicked Robert McCay apparently in the ribs after McCay, a Good Samaritan, had been jumped by the crowed and sprayed by bear mace. Harper also reportedly broke at least one window at the Bay store in downtown Vancouver with parking cones and a metal pole. Here are some photos of this criminal - he is wearing a white shirt and a black cap:

Jamal Harper is a wannabe thug who will almost certainly spend much of his adult life in and out of prison for committing violent crimes.  He shows no remorse in the following comments shown below that he reportedly wrote on a Facebook wall.  As shown in the picture below, he wrote the comments below.  After reading these comments, I have come to the conclusion that Jamal Harper has some type of learning disability, as he has the spelling and Grammatical abilities of a seven-year old kid:
correction Smart people its bear mace not pepper spray and Carry on With your Rend a cop snitching

Ed lau if you feel so hard come talk to me face to face =)

^ed lau your a Bitch keep talkin shit behide your computer feel hard-core bro? you should join a gang real quick and get a few tear drops just for the hell of it, so people stop think your such a bitch

Alicia Price - Villain

Alicia Price is a rioter who beat a police car with some type of wooden club and then lit the interior of the car on fire during the Vancouver riot.  She's physically attractive, but she undoubtedly has some serious emotional issues.

Richard MacMillan - Villain

Richard MacMillan is the name of another Vancouver riot villain.  MacMillan is one of the weirder rioters, as he appeared to be dressed in a woman's pants while apparently breaking a window, as shown below.  Some commenters have referred to MacMillan's pants as "manpris," i.e., a man's verison of capris. 

*** Update - October 7, 2013 *** 

Richard MacMillan was sentenced in June 2013 for his role in the Vancouver Riot. He was found guilty of smashing windows during the riot. In a pathetically weak ruling, MacMillan was given a six-month conditional term that includes a curfew, counseling, and a ban on using drugs and alcohol. The judge reportedly decided against sentencing him to jail time because MacMillan has a history of depression, mental illness, and drug abuse.

Here is a photo of one of the windows MacMillan broke during the Riot:

Pharaoh Saleh - Villain

Pharaoh Saleh is another villain of the Vancouver riot.  Here is a picture of Pharaoh Saleh throwing a newspaper box at a car during the riot:

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jora Sandhu - Villain

Jora Sandhu is a worthless piece of human excrement.  He is the dirty Indian with the short hair and earrings wearing the blue #33 Roberto Luongo jersey shown in some of the photos below.  He in shown on the right in the photo below.

Jora Sandhu's friends were in a crowd apparently near the start of the riot, as shown in this video.  One of his friends appeared to have uprooted a small tree and started swinging/throwing it around.  They managed to upset some women in the crowd who appeared to almost get hit in the face with a sharp end of the tree as shown below.  A blonde woman in white pants confronted one of Sandhu's friends, who promptly shoved her to the ground, as shown in the photos below:

A male hippie was was apparently friends with the girl walked over to confront Sandhu's friend who shoved the girl to the ground. Sandhu immediately got in the hippie's face and attempted to act like a tough guy, which was easy for him because his friend with the shaved head and gray sweatshirt appeared to know a thing or two about street fighting. Sandhu initially slapped the hippie.  After the slap, Sandhu's friend with the shaved head unloaded on the hippie, knocking him out, sending him to the ground. Sandhu and his friends immediately left the area after causing the damage.

Jora Sandhu is a straight-up bitch. It's bad enough that he slaps men and wears earrings, but hiding behind his friend makes him an even bigger bitch. I hope that this piece of shit is brought to justice soon.