Sunday, June 26, 2011

Corey Seymour - Villain

Corey Seymour is a villain of the Vancouver riot who along with friends ganged up to deliver a vicious beating to a man during the riot.  Seymour is wearing the black track pants in the video below and is the second man to punch the guy in the white shirt with the Atari-like symbol on his shirt.  I don't know what preceded the altercation, but for some reason, one of Seymour's friends punched the victim and then Seymour threw the second punch and his other friends ganged up in an act of utter cowardice.

Corey Seymour was later seen on a Vancouver train allegedly smoking pot with his criminal friends as shown below:

Corey Seymour is utter White Trash and gives new meaning to the word "shithead." Hopefully this violent asshole is caught soon and sent to prison.


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  2. He went to my high school, was in a shitty little gang of retards from aldergrove called 856 until they were run out of town by actual gangsters. Just saw on my FB that he died, all his shitty friends are mourning him. Rest easy folks!

    1. not even a single ounce of respect, not only for the dead but his mourning family and friends.. you are fucking disgusting!!!!! slandering someone that you said yourself you haven't known in years and only hours after his death.. insensitive coward goof

  3. "What goes around comes around"

  4. Wow, are you serious?

    One of the other villains mentioned on this blog, Billy Fisher, died in 2016 shortly after being incarcerated for his actions during the Vancouver Riot.