Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dominique Larocque - Villain

Dominique Larocque is another villain of the Vancouver riot.  She is reportedly the girlfriend of fellow villain Corey Seymour and initially pushed a man who was later savagely beaten by Seymour and his cronies.  Larocque also reportedly stole two $500 Coach purses during the riot and was photographed on a Vancouver SkyTrain with the evidence in a clear plastic bag visible near her feet.

Someone who apparently was on the SkyTrain at the same time as her wrote this note on Facebook about her:

I was on the same train as this garbage. The “classy” blonde was bragging about how she stole 2 bags from coach. She was so so excited that they were all leather and about 500$ a piece. You can see them in the picture in the clear plastic bag. Second the “fine” citizen (the guy) decided to roll a joint on the train and smoke it. We stopped at at scott road and a police officer came in and said the train smelt like pot. The guy that was sitting in front of him told the cop it was him and the blonde and her I’m guessing boyfriend started to yell at this guy and the guy spat in his face. The trash decided to get off at GATEWAY station and walk to his house. I hope these people read this because you are a disgrace to our community and I am ashamed that such trash actually lives in Canada.

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