Monday, June 20, 2011

Jagminder Singh Shergill - Villain

Jagminder Singh Shergill is a rioter who appeared to challenge a Good Samaritan to a fight because the Good Samaritan was attempting to prevent rioters from vandalizing and breaking windows at a Budget Rental franchise in Vancouver.  He wore a fruity yellow shirt and was visible in many riot videos appearing to encourage rioters and also kicked glass windows himself in an effort to cause mayhem.

Jagminder Singh Shergill is a true piece piece of shit and a straight-up bitch. 


  1. how do you know these peoples names?

    and did you witness this frist hand?

    sounds like you were right there and are as big a douche as these guys!

  2. ^^^ Nice try, but your guesses are wrong! Perhaps you were one of the rioters yourself?

    The identities of everyone on this blog were acquired from Facebook groups or other news articles.