Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Arian Anwari - Villain

Arian Anwari proved to be a complete bitch during the Vancouver riot. This idiot started smashing a window at a Budget rental franchise with a crowbar several times until a Good Samaritan in a green shirt tackled him, knocking him straight to the ground.  Anwari appeared to be drunk and disoriented after being knocked down and looked like a complete pussy.

*** Update - July 10, 2013 *** 

I recently discovered that Arian Anwari was expelled from his secondary school days after the riot because his principal discovered that he was one of the infamous rioters.

Vancouver Rioter Kicked Out of School:

Arian Anwari found the fallout from being splashed on YouTube after the Stanley Cup riot swift, arbitrary and downright devastating.

Just days before graduating from a Surrey secondary school last summer, Anwar claims the principal walked him to the front door and told him not to come back.

On Wednesday, Anwari was among eight people Vancouver police said have been charged with rioting, making a total of 38 charged.

"I wrote an apology letter to the principal and he said they already made the choice to kick me out," Anwari, 18, said.

He knew it was only a matter of time before he would be charged for his alleged involvement in the Cup riot after video capturing him smashing a window went viral.

Anwari has been charged with participating in a riot, carrying a weapon (baton) for a dangerous purpose and mischief.

He said he was interviewed by Vancouver Police Department investigators shortly after the riot and admitted his involvement.

"I am guilty for what I did," he told The Province.

"I regret it big time. I got kicked out of school for it and now I have to wait another year before university."

However, Anwari insists he did not take the baton downtown when he went there for the final game of the Cup final.

"I found the baton on the ground," he said. He thinks it may have been dropped by one of the riot police.

"It was what the cops were carrying," he said.

Ironically, Anwari said he was looking at a career in law enforcement.

"I was actually planning on going to college for a police officer's job," he said. "But I don't think that will work now."

With plans for the courtroom proceedings of all the rioters to be televised, Anwari said he will instruct his lawyer to oppose the plan.

"I don't want my trial televised," he said.

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