Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jora Sandhu - Villain

Jora Sandhu is a worthless piece of human excrement.  He is the dirty Indian with the short hair and earrings wearing the blue #33 Roberto Luongo jersey shown in some of the photos below.  He in shown on the right in the photo below.

Jora Sandhu's friends were in a crowd apparently near the start of the riot, as shown in this video.  One of his friends appeared to have uprooted a small tree and started swinging/throwing it around.  They managed to upset some women in the crowd who appeared to almost get hit in the face with a sharp end of the tree as shown below.  A blonde woman in white pants confronted one of Sandhu's friends, who promptly shoved her to the ground, as shown in the photos below:

A male hippie was was apparently friends with the girl walked over to confront Sandhu's friend who shoved the girl to the ground. Sandhu immediately got in the hippie's face and attempted to act like a tough guy, which was easy for him because his friend with the shaved head and gray sweatshirt appeared to know a thing or two about street fighting. Sandhu initially slapped the hippie.  After the slap, Sandhu's friend with the shaved head unloaded on the hippie, knocking him out, sending him to the ground. Sandhu and his friends immediately left the area after causing the damage.

Jora Sandhu is a straight-up bitch. It's bad enough that he slaps men and wears earrings, but hiding behind his friend makes him an even bigger bitch. I hope that this piece of shit is brought to justice soon.


  1. how do you know these peoples names?

    and did you witness this frist hand?

    sounds like you were right there and are as big a douche as these guys!

  2. Lol at the previous comment. What a moron...