Monday, June 20, 2011

Steve Constancia - Villain

Steve Constancia is a villain of the Vancouver Riot.  He is a tall man who wore a red cap and a black shirt with the number "40" written on the back.  He carried a skateboard during the riot and swung it at hero John Marchenko's face when Marchenko attempted to get Costancia's skater buddies from wrecking the overturned smart car.  Constancia accidentally hit an Asian guy in the head with his skateboard when he swung wildly at Marchenko.  Constancia also attempted to get in on the action when about 15-20 rioters ganged up on a Good Samaritan who tried to prevent rioters from torching a city truck.

Constancia is a straight-up pussy and a complete bitch.  He appears to be in his mid-30s and it's pathetic that he spends his time riding skateboards with high school kids.  He's also a bitch for attempting to use his skateboard as a weapon.  Hopefully he will be caught and brought to justice.


  1. Actually, I watched that video and if the loud-mouthed jerk he swung at had not provoked him... it appears Steve was about to walk away, but he turned to defend his friend... I distinctly heard the words "hey that's my buddy" before he swung the skateboard, missed his mark and left.

    1. After his "buddy" was trashing a car. This Constancia twat was cheering him and and telling others to get in there. That "jerk" had every right to call out these losers. The guys no better than a tick. Hopefully he lives with shame for the rest of his useless days. The reward for being a shitty human being.

  2. That loser Constancia was arrested and charged with "Taking
    part in a riot," "Mischief," and "Assault."