Monday, June 20, 2011

Jordy Dean - Villain

Jordy Dean is another Vancouver rioter who appears to be a villain.  In the photo below it appears as though he is about to punch someone very hard:

Look at the short guy on the right-hand side with the shaved head who is wearing the black pants.  He is on the ground in this photo.  Someone obviously hit that guy hard and probably knocked him out.  Based on what is shown in the photo above, I assume that either Jordy Dean himself or possibly one of his friends hit the little guy on the right:

A snapshot of a Facebook wall where Jordy Dean left a comment to defend his actions is shown below.  Note that someone wrote on this wall,"this picture is posted by some woman from Belgium and they said he beat that guy unconsciouss... and a pic of Jordys Profile is put on there as well.."

Jordy Dean responded, writing: "r u fuckin kidding me?? did u see my buddy that got his jaw broken before that??? fuck off .. it was 8 on 2 before all that shit.. beat the guy up? wut aboiut my buddy thats still in the hospital??? am i supposed to sit on the sidelines and laugh??? fuck off"

Here is a snapshot of Jordy Dean's Facebook profile as it looked a few days ago.  Jordy Dean is a violent hooligan who needs to be brought to justice!

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