Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mathew Eakin - Villain

Mathew Eakin is a villain of the Vancouver riot.  This idiot smashed store windows with his skateboard during the riot.  Here are some pictures of Eakin celebrating his actions.  As one can see, fellow villain Jagminder Singh Shergill is in the crowd wearing his yellow shirt and appears to have cheered on Eakin while the store windows were smashed:

*** Update - July 10, 2013 *** 

Matthew Eaken has has afoul of the law again.  He was arrested in September 2012 after recklessly cutting off a police car in Surrey, Canada while driving in his car.  The police found cash, drugs, cell phones and a 9 mm handgun in Eaken's car.  Eaken was reportedly "known" to the police prior to this arrest. 

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